Bumpbreaker PRODUCT

Know Local

Monetize your location digitally.

Digital Flyer

World's 1st Digital flyer using mobile. Create ads and post in any location (BB space) instantly.

Make Money with BB

You can either buy the BB box or BB beacon. Enable it by registering it in the app and place it in your location so that advertise can find you and you start making money.

Target Analytics & Marketing

Decide on your target audience. Find a location which has the most live audience at that time and then once you decide on the location, post your ads.

Bumpbreaker DOWNLOADS

Available on iOS and Google Play

Bumpbreaker FEATURES

World's 1st Digital flyer using mobile. Built by combining digital and paper based marketing in mind.

  • Ads view

    Based on the bb location, the ads will appear. Users can customize their preference of ad.

  • Device Management

    Register the device for advertisers to post the ads on the device.

  • Live Coupons

    Use your device to market to the customers by giving them live coupons, no more carrying hundreds of flyers any more.

  • Favorites

    You can Favorite, Go to website, get direction to the location of the ad, like, dislike, call and even open other app if provided by the advertisers.

  • Ads Management

    Create ads, publish ads, and get analytics, progress of the ads.

  • Multi Location

    You can publish to a location or more than one location based on the digital space registered.

  • Know Local

    Monetize your location digitally.

  • Historical Usage

    You can research in the MAP and see an area / no of people you will be marketing based on historical usage.

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